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JrEg, formerly Jreg, (Greg Guevara) is a Canadian content creator, creator of well known “pseudo” crypto-non-currency JREGCoin, singer/songwriter, spoken word poet, and political satirist. Jre is well known for jres anti-centrist videos and personification of the four quadrants of the political compass, all featured in jres political satire series Centricide. As well, following the finale of Centricide, jre has a series featuring the personification of mental illnesses, appropriately named The Mental Illnesses.

In jres most prominent video series as of now, the Centricide, jre tells the tale of the Anti-Centrist (Jreg) trying to unite all the extremes to fight the Centrist Plague.

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Meet the Extremists![]

Meet the Mental Illnesses![]

Check out the Centricide Timeline![]


The League of Anti-Anti Centrists -- Centricide 1

The first Centricide installment!'The pilot introduces us to the Centrist League.


Meet The Extremists Centricide 2

The second installment of the Centricide! '"Meet the Extremists!" introduces us to our four main protagonists, the Extremists.


Conservatives, Socialists, Progressives and Libertarians Centricide 3

The 3rd installment of the Centricide! 'Now the Centricide starts to get in motion...


The Council of Wacky Ideologies Centricide 3.5

A mid-segment for the Centricide series starring Posadism, Anarcho-Monarchism, Anarcho-Primitivist, Homonationalism, Lil' NazBol and Transhumanist.


Neoliberalism Centricide 4

4th installment of the Centricide - Total Neoliberalism


Ancapistan Centricide 4.5

Another shot episode of the Centricide. 'This time around Nazi and Commie come face to face with Ancapistan.


Horseshoe Theory Centricide 5

5th episode of the Centricide - It's time for Horseshoe Theory


Identity Centricide 6

Identity - Centricide 6 The Beginning of the End; The Anti-Centrist and Radical Centrist finally have to face each other. Meanwhile Nazi is building his personal, international, nationalist Empire.


Anarchist Infighting Centricide 6.5


Greg Guevara Centricide 7.0


Accelerationism Centricide 8.0 (Part 1 3)


Posthumanism Centricide 8 (Part 2 3)


Every Extreme -- Centricide 8 (Part 3-3)

Embrace the Music![]

Meet the... Well, what are they?[]